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When my heart wants


unnamed ndwompa.com .gh When my heart wants

When my heart wants what I know or feel isn’t mine

When it wants what isn’t right

I will trust you still to help me in this situation somehow..


But I ask and ponder, why do I want it in the first place

Why do I chase what isn’t good for me sometimes

How could I rebel against you in this way but love you at the same time

I know I don’t love you less, so why

Why can’t I always act out what I know and believe

I don’t want to want what’s not good for me

I want to let it go easily and not overthink it

I wanna make you proud and go against this very part of me..


Even with all my unanswered questions

There’s no part of me that isn’t submitted to you

There’s no part of me that’s hidden from you (even the messiest parts)

So even when I can’t control what my heart chases after

I still submit it to you and expect a miracle

Expect you to come through for me like you always have


I’ll never let my self go if I can help it

But most importantly, you’ll never let my heart go

So I stay strong and keep walking, never to stop to wonder

I’ll just keep walking in the right direction

I’ll just keep trusting you

Cause you’ve got this!

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